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How do I register?

To register email the following:

1. Name

2. Email address

3. Mailing address

4. Payment Method.


Payment can be made by:

1. Email money transfer


2. Mail a cheque made payable to Chantel Moen.

Country Hills Chiropractic and Massage

#236- 5149 Country Hills Blvd NW

Calgary, AB, T3A 5K8.


What is the cancellation policy?

Cancellations given one month before the course date will be refunded the full amount less a $100 administration fee. No refund will be given for cancellations less then one month before the course date.


Can I get continuing education credits for this course?

The course is approved for Continuing Education Credits. Credits vary with each association. Email for more information.


Where can I buy cupping supplies?

You will be provided with a glass cupping set at the course which will be enough to get you started in you practice immediately. I do not sell cups at the course.  For additional supplies I recommend


Does cupping work on the muscle tissue or only the myofacial tissue?

Fire cupping works on the muscle tissue as well as the myofacial tissue. The practitioner can work to different depths of the muscle layer depending on the strength of suction in the cup. This allows the therapist to give their patient a deep tissue cupping massage treatment without straining their own body.


Why are some courses called Myofacial Cupping?

These course are likely focusing on pump cupping which does not obtain the same strength of suction as fire cupping and therefore works on the more superficial myofacial tissue.


What type of cupping will I learn in this course?

In this course you will learn fire cupping, pump cupping and silicone cupping. The focus will be on teaching safe and effective fire cupping to the students as this is the most difficult method of cupping. Once you have mastered fire cupping (which you will by the end of the course) the other forms of cupping will be easy.


Will I learn enough to add cupping massage to my practice immediately after the course?

Yes, by the end of the course you will have the knowledge and practical skill to do a full body cupping massage treatment and treat specific conditions with cupping massage.

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